Born To Kill

Sigma Quadrant 4 (5)


Sigma Quadrant 4

NEDĚLE 21. 8. ve 20:00

After taking the nearby airfield to „Therisa“ the principalas forces „CSAT“ are concentrating forces to launch a devastating counterattack.

We need anticipate and take their headquarters.

To do this we launch a surprise night attack and destroy all their forces in the middle of the night. 

Our main mission is to ensure the main points within the area of „CSAT“.  

We must destroy their roadblocks, eliminate anti aerial defenses and finally take their main base in the area.

We must attack and destroy roadblocks considering that there may be hidden mine fields, to avoid them we must stay within the roads.

Once we take down the road controls we must destroy anti aerial defenses on the island of Makrynisi.

The island is protected by the main base of CSAT in the area and will use the insertion point Bravo to access and avoid coastal defenses.

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